Applying for a place


To apply for a place with us we must receive a referal. A referral may be made by a third party professional, such as a Solicitor, Mediator, Social Services, or Cafcass, or by the parents themselves (a Self Referral). In normal circumstances a first contact date will be offered between three to four weeks after the referral form is received. Changes to the arrangements for visits may be requested at any time, but no such changes can take place until confirmed by the Centre.

Our Referral Form and Guidelines for Referrers can be requested via email. Please complete the form and send it – together with the £50 fee via bank transfer – to

A self referral can be made by filling out all sections of the form below. Please ensure you include the contact details for the other parent or a professional who knows these details, such as their solicitor or a social worker. Contact cannot start if we don’t have a means of informing both parties.

In all cases, regardless of who makes the referral, the Contact Centre has the right to decide whether or not to offer a place, and to terminate that place if our rules or Code of Conduct are not followed. The Contact Centre charges a one-off Referral Fee of £50.00 to cover administrative costs, payable via bank transfer (details here). A referral will not be processed, nor any contact arrangements made, until the fee is received.

What happens next?

Once we have recieved your referal form we can allocate a provisional date for contact to start. We will contact you (usually by post) informing you of the provisional date, and with a date to come in for a pre-vist session. The pre-vist session will be a chance for you (and the children) to have a look around while the place is empty, get to know some of our staff and go over our code of conduct and expectations that we and you, may have.


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